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A program to burn 8 kg of fat in 2–3 months, and maintain your ideal weight.




If you have ever tried to lose weight, you will certainly have noticed: losing weight in a pleasant and fast way is NOT easy at all.

Many of us know that after the first two weeks of a slimming program, results are more difficult to obtain.

This is what Americans define as the “honeymoon” phase.

Your coach asks you to eliminate starches as well as to “stay on light meals at night”, and you listen to him, but after two weeks of good results…

… the scale stops moving, or almost.

The following weeks, your weight is still the same.

Quickly, you tell yourself that these efforts are not worth the feedback: your body is not changing fast enough for your sacrifices to be justified.

Thus, you unconsciously stop your diet…

… and after 3 months, your weight is the same as when you started.

You draw conclusions such as:

- "diets don't work",

- “diets only work at the beginning”,

- “losing weight fast means fast”.

This analysis is not completely rational, but I understand you 300% because it is legitimate.

As a coach I have been in this situation. I tried a lot of workouts and diets that didn't work. I was frustrated and wasted time.

But, after learning from brilliant trainers, I managed to master the principles of nutrition and training.

Because in the end, if you want to succeed, what matters is not mastering a specific method...

…. but the mastery of the principles which form the good methods.

It is by mastering these principles that we can generate real results.

After 3 years of intense sports coaching, and testing on myself and my clients...

I have created a program that guarantees accelerated weight loss and the development of a sculpted physique.

A personalized 3-month follow-up that will help you burn a minimum of 8 kg in 3 months.

All you need?

Your involvement is 2–3 hours per week.

This program does not require a gym – unless you want it.

The plan consists of training and a flexible nutrition regimen.

After an initial assessment by phone or Skype, you will talk to me every week, so that your progress is assured.

This weekly feedback is one of the keys to the program.

Together we will identify your areas of improvement to guarantee you an ideal physique.

About the program workouts:

The workouts in the program focus on the upper body for men, and the lower body for women.


The idea is to develop the sculpted physique of an actor or a model…

and not the excessively bloated one of a bodybuilder.

Note that I created these fitness sessions after years of testing and study.

This is NOT the typical copy-and-paste workout found with some trainers.

The consequence of this?

A minimalist approach, which generates impressive results.

The idea is simple.

Obtain your ideal physique as quickly and in the healthiest way as possible...

to then maintain it with less effort.


Too simple to be true?

Many coaches are convinced that without training all the time and without a rigid diet...

we cannot progress.

This program, and its weekly telephone follow-up, will demonstrate otherwise.

Is the program in question hard?

The program will require discipline. And you have to be motivated.

But you'll be happy with the results, week after week, seeing that your efforts are paying off.

And, the most fun part: you will be entitled to starches and alcohol.

With the weekly telephone follow-up, you will be accompanied on your journey and you will progress.

Your results, and your health are my priority as a coach.


- My email, within 1–3 hours, to make the first telephone appointment.

- A training plan (personalized according to your gender and your training places) which changes every month according to your feedback: running is not compulsory.

- An initial assessment by telephone to motivate and guarantee success

- A 15-minute call to ensure your progress and support you on your journey.

- An ebook explaining the nutrition strategy we use, in order to master the principles and simplify weight loss.

- Appetite reduction strategies to make the diet SUPER easy to follow

- Tips to avoid the metabolic slowdown typical of aggressive diets.

- Tips for using this diet while maintaining your social life.

- The role of alcohol – how to use it strategically in your diet – and how my clients lose weight and tone up without stopping drinking in the evening.

-What is the limit of ketogenic diets, which this diet does not have?

- Why the nutrition diet in this program increases your energy while many diets decrease it

- A Chrono Nutrition strategy that allows you NOT to eliminate your favorite foods.

And There you go.

The price of online tracking?

To make the program accessible, I chose the price of

150 euros per month (for a period of 3 months).

150 euros per month, for 3 months, to eliminate excess weight and finally sculpt your body.

You will be billed with a recurring payment, which will end at the end of the program.

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