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The effects of Umberto's coaching are impressive. Quick and easy weight loss and effective fitness. His leadership/motivation coaching is also useful and organized in a precise and original way. I highly recommend !

Leonard Glowinski
CEO @Pathé Productions


Doté d’une autorité naturelle et d’une grande rigueur professionnelle, Umberto m’a permis de transformer ma vie personnelle (10kg perdus en 3 mois) et professionnelle.


Sollicité pour m’aider a gérer un passage déterminant de ma vie, il a très vite ( 4 mois) surpassé mes attentes reboostant mes talents et corrigeant mes faiblesses émotionnelles. 

Je recommande l’approche holistic de son coaching qui m’a transformée physiquement et mentalement.

Nathalie Thiollet
Partner @JP Morgan


Umberto has an ultra pragmatic approach to fitness and mental health, and how to reconcile it all with an intense professional life. The fact that he accompanied me to obtain tangible results in less than two months allowed me to keep a level of motivation intact over time. I recommend! 

Hugues Decosse
GM @Deliveroo Fr


I set up a year ago a support for key employees of the company with hybrid coaching focused on physical well-being and personal development. Umberto intervenes every week for a daily follow-up of the objectives of each one and the difficulties to overcome.

With effective monitoring over time, the team is now perfectly aligned and much more productive than last year. 

Pierre Humblot Ferrero
CEO @Grand Shooting


I had the opportunity to collaborate with Umberto, a very competent coach in fitness, leadership and communication.

At the professional level, Umberto strengthened my team cohesion, improved our communication and increased our productivity. His methods have helped create a caring and efficient work environment.


On a personal level, thanks to his targeted advice, I improved my sports and nutritional performance, which resulted in better physical shape.

Last but not least, he connected me with leaders relevant to my industry, expanding my professional network and providing opportunities for collaboration.

In summary, Umberto is a valuable partner for anyone who is open-minded, and wants to progress and excel. His passion and determination make him a trusted expert. I highly recommend his services

Nicholas Mahler
CEO @DataPred


Umberto is a modern coach who knows how to combine high standards and listening.
I appreciate the nutritional and lifestyle monitoring of this coaching, which allows me to lose weight without giving up a social life.
I highly recommend Umberto as an energy booster.

Marie Laure Simonin Braun


I decided to train with Umberto when the health crisis made it very difficult to go to a gym or practice martial arts.
I greatly appreciate that he adapts to my time constraints and that he has built a personalized training program, totally in line with my goals. Umberto has a rich personality, it's a pleasure to have such an attentive and efficient coach!

Alain Pellier
CEO @Trading Central


I decided to train with Umberto when the health crisis made it very difficult to go to a gym or practice martial arts.
I greatly appreciate that he adapts to my time constraints and that he has built a personalized training program, totally in line with my goals. Umberto has a rich personality, it's a pleasure to have such an attentive and efficient coach!

Alain Pellier
CEO @Trading Central


The body and mind are too often overlooked as leaders. Umberto allowed me to progress both mentally and physically (71kg -> 63kgs in 3 months). Having a progress ritual accompanied by a competent person is priceless,and I encourage all CEOs wishing to gain in well-being and cognitive performance to try.

Kevin Bourgeois
CEO @Supermood


I started working with Umberto in order to increase my well-being, and I'm happy that I made this decision.
By combining fitness, dietary advice and psychology, his support allows you to see solid results on the scale and on your 'power dynamics awereness' - as he calls it - every week.
A direct and pragmatic approach that I highly recommend!

Helene Merillon
Board Member @ GENERALI


When you manage a company that invoices more than 80M in turnover, it is easy to lose your ability to question yourself. Umberto helps me sculpt my body as well as take a step back from my business decisions. A real pro!

Julien Lever
CEO @ Julhiet Sterwen


My associate recommended Umberto to me for his professionalism and ability to deliver real results on every aspect of wellness.
I had strong demands both on the results and on points of attention which I could not deviate from in view of my liabilities (births and former health concerns). I was not convinced before starting that Umberto could adapt to it and avoid exercises that were a little too "brutal", or that someone could master so many subjects at once.
Not only did Umberto manage to adapt, but he managed to exceed my goals, helping me sculpt my physique and improve my posture with an original and effective method. I am convinced and I continue with enthusiasm with him !! 
Give yourself a present and put Umberto and his coaching under the Christmas tree!

Amelie Landry
Founder @ Twelve Consulting


Umberto accompanies my team every week and helps us maintain productivity and cohesion:I have noticed a significant drop in churn since his arrival.

By combining sport with leadership coaching, Umberto gives us the keys to knowing ourselves better, making better choices and progressing every week. 

Looking forward to continuing this collaboration!

Cyril Aubrun


Umberto is a modern coach.

Beyond the physical and nutritional aspect which allowed me to lose 10kg and build muscle, I appreciate his open-mindedness and his ability to analyze complex files, both in HR and in work organization. .

He's one of the first people I go to to brainstorm and crash test ideas in depth, and the results are there.

Guillaume Carre
CEO @ Carré Basset


I have been working with Umberto for almost a year and I have really improved in my physical and leadership abilities.

I appreciate his holistic support and his personality: on condition of being rigorous and persevering, it is clearly a source of motivation and performance for leaders.

Sadik Filipovic
CEO @ Twelve Consulting


I met Umberto at a pivotal moment in my professional life and after two years of sporting inactivity due to confinement.
Quite quickly, I was able to regain my self-confidence and taste for sport, which also allowed me to be much more efficient at work.
I like Umberto's generosity and availability. He never forced me to do things I didn't want to do and yet I'm making rapid progress, in small increments, physically and emotionally. 
Thank you thousand!

Pascal Martin-Daguet,
COO @ Colas Projects


A 360° COACH

Me and my team had the chance to be accompanied for a year by Umberto. His global approach was particularly motivating. Both the body, but also the mind like the ancient Greeks, it makes you progress on all subjects (leadership, lifestyle, management, etc.). I will summarize by saying that Umberto is the only coach in Paris with whom you can do push-ups while talking about philosophy, a unique experience!

Bruno Smadja
founder @Mobile Film Festival


Umberto helped me get back in shape to prepare for my next marathon. His slimming method is both original and effective.
He is particularly attentive and modulates the training in a very fine way according to my objectives and my progress. Thanks to him I accelerated my weight loss and above all I maintain my motivation and my leadership at the top! I highly recommend his courses!

Guillaume Hellouin,
CEO @Teamto


Before meeting Umberto I hated sport. During our first appointment, he promised me "a body like Alessandra Ambrosio" in 3 months :)
Quickly, I got the type of physique I wanted, without sacrificing the social side (a detail that was vital for me)!

Thank you very much, Clo!

Clothilde Dupont,


I started working with Umberto to maximize my energy and lose weight. I am satisfied with it.
A well-prepared, demanding and reliable coach, whose personalized follow-up ensures significant results from week to week. I appreciate the combination of physical exercises and advice on nutrition. I highly recommend it! Michael

Michael Chekron
President & Founder @ Carenity


I train with Umberto several times a week and the results are there. My favorite part of the course? The nutritional plan. By having dinner at the restaurant 3 times a week, and without stopping starchy foods and wine, I lost 7 kg in 3 months! Really great!

Julien Bianchi,
CEO @EasyMovie


Umberto helps me progress on professional and sporting subjects. It's rare to find coaches as involved in the results of their clients as is the case with him. Sparring partner prepared and demanding, his sessions are physically and intellectually stimulating.
If you are looking for excellence and that of your company, trust him!

Marc Béhar


It had been more than 10 years since I had managed to lose the extra pounds due to both my pregnancies and my hard work pace: Umberto helped me get back on my feet.
He also has a very fine knowledge of the world of business, and psychology and he helps me to progress on professional and personal subjects.

I recommend !

Clotilde Beaume
Senior Manager @ COCA COLA


Umberto helped me tone up, without giving up going out with friends and family dinners. It adapts to my constraints and my schedule reactively, which allows me to find regularity in my routine.  I have worked with him for over a year and have no intention of quitting. His leadership support is very original, and helps to keep my motivation at the top.

A fun, effective, pragmatic approach.

Christophe Amouroux,
President @ Twelve Consulting


In less than 3 months I managed to lose more than 7 kg thanks to Umberto's coaching without damaging my lifestyle. And I keep beating my records every week, both on the scale and on my performance. 
Umberto is a pro, very attentive and very competent. He gives relevant and effective advice, a real boost of physical and mental motivation!

Imad Saliba
Senior Manager @AMAZON


Umberto is an excellent sports and leadership coach. His accompaniment results in an increase in my energy and my productivity at work and in my strength.

His sense of humor, necessary in these difficult times and his pragmatic approach, make the investment more than profitable!

Benjamin Blanchard,
CEO @NGO SOS Christians


Umberto is a very professional coach. He kept all his promises made at the start of the program.

  • I lost 7 kg in 6 weeks, not without effort, but without sacrificing my social life.

  • I also went from 100 push-ups in 30 minutes to 300 in the same amount of time.

  • As an avid sportsman, I reached the best of my life, at 33 years old.

An investment that I highly recommend!

Alexander Hernández,
Director @Eurostaff


I recommend Umberto for his professionalism, his personality and his method. He tailors his workouts meticulously – my energy has increased since we started. He is able to encourage me and modulate the sessions based on my objectives.

Catherine Bullin,
CEO @ Prose


Umberto did what other sports coaches failed to do: he helped me lose weight and build muscle, without giving up my social life.
I lost 10 kg in 3 months by revealing my abs, and I increased my energy, improving my performance in tennis. THANKS !

Julien Proffit
Lawyer @ Cabinet Proffit Chantrier


Umberto is a perfectionist and ultra-pro coach! It's a real tailor-made accompaniment. I didn't particularly like sport before knowing it, and now I miss the days off! I apply thesweet life Italian on fitness and nutrition!

Sandra Ifra,
CEO @MyBuBelly


Umberto is worth his price. His ability to communicate and his fast sessions help to stay motivated. Workouts, result in an increase in well-being and form.
His skills in nutrition and fitness, help to progress quickly.

CEO @ Nelo


Umberto has helped me keep fit and motivated! Energetic, patient and attentive, I highly recommend him.

Clement Miglietti, Head of Digital @ NeoXam


Umberto is a capable and attentive coach with good interpersonal skills. I notice an increase in my strength and energy with each session. Top !

CEO @ Shopvious


Umberto made me appreciate sport. As soon as I work with him I can't wait to go to the gym and I progress quickly.

PS: Try her “weight loss” diet and fitness workouts…they are super effective!

Romain Legresy,

Commercial Director @ INQUOM

man 3

I contacted Umberto to help me lose weight, on the recommendation of a friend. I haven't stopped since. Her fast sessions are top notch, and her 'weight loss' regimen is awesome. I continue to eat all my favorite foods and drink wine: and the scales move without fail! Absolutely the best coach

Artistic director

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